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The 14th Acta Oncologica Symposium:

The European Cancer Rehabilitation & Survivorship Symposium (ECRS) 2016 is our biennial symposium that will bring together researchers and health professionals from all over Europe to increase knowledge and experiences on cancer rehabilitation and survivorship. ECRS 2016 will take place 19-20 September in Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the fourth time we organise this symposium and in previous editions, some 400 people have been participating.

Due to the growing cancer survivor population, the paradigm for cancer treatment and late effect management is changing. Cancer survivors of tomorrow will face a new approach to cancer treatment, late effect surveillance and management. The ECRS symposium is a way of communicating and an opportunity for reflection no matter where in the trajectory of cancer survivorship you work. At the ECRS symposium, we invite you to present and discuss physical late effects, psychosocial issues, health behaviour interventions, and to discuss how to best organize care before and after treatment – to improve everyday life for cancer survivors.

ECRS 2016 offers an opportunity to get updates on / discuss topics such as:

  • Promotion of prehabilitation
  • Implementation of patient navigation
  • Depression in cancer
  • Employment in cancer survivorship

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ECRS 2016 welcomes contributions from scientists, health professionals, students as well as administrators working with cancer rehabilitation and survivorship. It will be possible to submit abstracts for both oral and / or poster presentations. Some abstracts may also be invited to submit a scientific paper for Acta Oncologica published in a special issue shortly after the symposium.

Ongoing studies with no definitive results are also welcomed.  

Abstract submission is CLOSED

Pre-symposium workshops

10 pre-symposium workshops will be offered on Sunday 18 September, including topics such as:

  • Depressive disorders spectrum in cancer: screening, diagnosis and intervention
  • “Cancer and work: building a research agenda to achieve optimal support and outcomes
  • “How to use patient-reported outcomes to assess late effects in cancer survivors
  • “Communicating with a patient and a relative: how to develop our skills

The workshops will be conducted in English by experts in the field.

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ECRS 2016 will be held at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in downtown Copenhagen.

About ECRS

NCRS 2010 and ECRS 2012 and ECRS 2014

ECRS 2016 is a continuation of NCRS 2010 and ECRS 2012 and ECRS 2014, which also took place in Copenhagen.

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