Abstract guidelines

European Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Symposium 2022

1. All abstracts must be received before April 27, 2022 until 23:59 (UTC +01.00).

2. All abstracts have a 20 word limit of titel and a 300 word limit of text.

Abstracts should relate to one of the following issues:

  • Late effects.
  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)
  • prehabilitation
  • Intervention in survivorship
  • Being relatives to cancer survivors
  • Cancer survivorship and depression
  • Cancer survivors and primary care
  • Chronic cancers - specific survivorship issues
  • Childhood cancer survivorship
  • Comorbidity
  • Health literacy and self-management
  • Patient navigation
  • Patient perspectives
  • Follow-up programs
  • Sexuality and gender issues in survivorship
  • Education of health care personnel

3. Abstracts may be accepted in one of two categories:

Oral presentation: The presenting author will be requred to make a presentation that consisely summarizes the research question, methodology, results and their relevance. Abstracts accepted for oral presentation will also be published in the ECRS 2022 - Program and Abstract Book which will be distributed to Symposium participants on site and available for download after the Symposium.

Poster presentation: The presenting author will present the poster during the poster session to which it has been assigned. Abstracts accepted for poster presentation will also be published as a supplement in this year's abstracts and program book. 

4. Selected abstracts will be selected for publication. All selected papers will be include in the special issue of the Acta Oncologica published shortly after the Symposium.

5. Acceptance if the abstract program and assignment is determined by the Scientific Program Committee based on a review of the abstract. Abstracts are selected on the basis of their medical and scientific significance to the conference theme, timeliness, quality of data and methodology, applicability to the field of cancer rehabilitation and survivorship and adherence to format requirements (see below).

6. All selected abstracts will be published the way they are submitted for review. It is recommended that abstracts adhere to the folllowing structure:

  • Background: A statement of the hypothesis or research question
  • Methodology: An explanation of the study design and methodology used
  • Results: Presentation of findings and discussion. Sufficient data must be providet to permit evaluation by the reviewers and public reading the abstracts
  • Conclusion: Summary of the overall findings and relevance of the study

7. For each co-author all potential conflicts of interest have to be provided. Potential conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to, commercial interest in the research and finansiel or in-kind support from enities with commercial interest in research 

8. All abstracts must be submitted in ENGLISH. Please check spelling and grammar before submitting your abstracts. Your abstracts will not be proofread or edited later. Abstracts have been excluded due to language issues in the plast.

please double-check with our formatting guidelines before submitting your abstract. We have compiled a list below to avoid mistakes we have seen in the past.

9. session assignments will be mailed by May 10, 2022 to the adress given for correspondence. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to notify other co-authors of the Committee's decision. Once scheduled, presentations cannot be moved in the program. 

10. Instruktions will be sent to the authors whose abstracts are accepted for oral or poster presentation. For each abstract accepted, at leaat one author must attend the Symposium and present the contribution.

Please feel free to contact us (ecrs@cancer.dk), if you have any further questions.

Formatting guidelines ECRS 2022 Abstract submission


  • All abstracts must be submitted in english
  • Check your spelling and grammar before submitting your abstract; 
  • Have your abstract proofread by an experienced colleague, preferably by someone familiar with the terminology

Text formatting

  • Italics, bold type, symbols, and other test formatting will all be reproducere in the published abstract as submitted;
  • Try to avoid the use of such formatting to improve readability

Author Byline

  • Author names will be published exactly as they appear in the accepted abstract;
  • Indicate affiliations by number only;
  • Affiliation footnotes should appear in numerical order at first mention;
  • Do not include titles (Dr., PhD, professor et.), but state the full name (First name, middle names, last name). 


  • Include each component in order of small to large (Department, Division, Section, Institution, City, Country);
  • Do not include ZIP or Postal codes, street addresses, or building/office numbers;
  • Do not use abbreviations (e.g. Dept.);
  • Do not list positions within an institution (e.g. Department Chair, Professor ect.).

Please submit your abstract by following this link:

Electronic abstract submission