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Videnskabelige artikler fra Center for Kræftforskning 2011

Her kan du se videnskabelige artikler fra Kræftens Bekæmpelses Center for Kræftforskning fra 2011. Artiklerne er på engelsk.

Aleksandrova, K. et al.

Metabolic syndrome and risks of colon and rectal cancer: the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition study

Cancer Prev.Res.(Phila) 2011:4(11), 1873-1883

Amankwah, E.K. et al.

Prostate cancer susceptibility polymorphism rs2660753 is not associated with invasive ovarian cancer

Cancer Epidemiol.Biomarkers Prev. 2011:20(5), 1028-1031

Amankwah, E.K. et al.

Polymorphisms in stromal genes and susceptibility to serous epithelial ovarian cancer: a report from the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium

PLoS.ONE. 2011:6(5), e19642-

Andersen, V. et al.

Polymorphisms in NF-kappaB, PXR, LXR, PPARgamma and risk of inflammatory bowel disease

World J Gastroenterol.:17(2), 197-206

Andersen, V. et al.

Heme oxygenase-1 polymorphism is not associated with risk of colorectal cancer: a Danish prospective study

Eur.J.Gastroenterol.Hepatol. 2011:23(3), 282-285

Andersen, Z.J. et al.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution: a cohort study

Am.J.Respir.Crit Care Med.:183(4), 455-461

Ault, K.A. et al.

Adenocarcinoma in situ and associated human papillomavirus type distribution observed in two clinical trials of a quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine

Int.J.Cancer 2011:128(6), 1344-1353

Aydin, D. et al.

Mobile phone use and brain tumors in children and adolescents: A multicenter case-control study

J.Natl.Cancer Inst.:103(16), 1264-76

Aydin, D. et al.

Impact of random and systematic recall errors and selection bias in case-control studies on mobile phone use and brain tumors in adolescents (CEFALO study)

Bioelectromagnetics:32(5), 396-407

Aydin, D. et al.

Predictors and overestimation of recalled mobile phone use among children and adolescents

Prog.Biophys.Mol.Biol. 2011:107(3), 356-361

Baandrup, L. et al.

In situ and invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva in Denmark 1978-2007-a nationwide population-based study

Gynecol.Oncol. 2011:122(1), 45-49

Bakken, K. et al.

Menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer risk: Impact of different treatments. The European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition

Int.J Cancer:128(1), 144-56

Bartek, J. et al.

DNA damage response, genetic instability and cancer: From mechanistic insights to personalized treatment


Bartek, J. et al.

DNA repair: Cyclin D1 multitasks

Nature:474(7350), 171-172

Bartkova, J. et al.

Heterochromatin marks HP1gamma, HP1alpha and H3K9me3, and DNA damage response activation in human testis development and germ cell tumours

Int.J.Androl:34(4 Pt 2), e103-e113

Bernsdorf, M. et al.

Value of post-operative reassessment of estrogen receptor alpha expression following neoadjuvant chemotherapy with or without gefitinib for estrogen receptor negative breast cancer

Breast Cancer Res.Treat.:128(1), 165-170

Beyer, I. et al.

Epithelial Junction Opener JO-1 Improves Monoclonal Antibody Therapy of Cancer

Cancer Res.:71(22), 7080-7090

Bian, L. et al.

S100A4 Deficiency Is Associated With Efficient Bacterial Clearance and Protects Against Joint Destruction During Staphylococcal Infection

J.Infect.Dis.:204(5), 722-730

Bidstrup, P.E. et al.

Critical discussion of social-cognitive factors in smoking initiation among adolescents

Acta Oncol.:50(1), 88-98

Blomberg, M. et al.

Trends in head and neck cancer incidence in Denmark, 1978-2007: focus on human papillomavirus associated sites

Int.J.Cancer 2011:129(3), 733-741

Boesen, E.H. et al.

Psychosocial group intervention for patients with primary breast cancer: a randomised trial

Eur.J.Cancer:47(9), 1363-1372

Brauner, E. et al.

Predictors of polychlorinated biphenyl concentrations in adipose tissue in a general Danish population

Environ Sci Technol:45(2), 679-85

Brauner, E.V. et al.

Occurrence of organochlorine pesticides in indoor dust

J Environ Monit J Environ Monit:13(3), 522-6

Bultz, B.D. et al.

Screening for distress, the 6th vital sign: where are we, and where are we going?

Psychooncology.:20(6), 569-571

Buttmann, N. et al.

Sexual risk taking behaviour: prevalence and associated factors. A population-based study of 22,000 Danish men

BMC.Public Health 2011:11, 764-

Campa, D. et al.

Variation in genes coding for AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and breast cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer (EPIC)

Breast Cancer Res.Treat.:127(3), 761-7

Capanu, M. et al.

Assessment of rare BRCA1 and BRCA2 variants of unknown significance using hierarchical modeling

Genet.Epidemiol.:35(5), 389-397

Cerezo, L.A. et al.

The metastasis promoting protein S100A4 is increased in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

Rheumatology.(Oxford):50(10), 1766-1772

Chan, S.S. et al.

Aspirin in the aetiology of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis: a European prospective cohort study

Aliment.Pharmacol.Ther.:34(6), 649-55

Couto, E. et al.

Mediterranean dietary pattern and cancer risk in the EPIC cohort

Br.J Cancer:104(9), 1493-9

Cronin-Fenton, D.P. et al.

Antidepressant use and colorectal cancer risk: a Danish population-based case-control study

Br.J.Cancer:104(1), 188-192

Crowe, F.L. et al.

A cross-sectional analysis of the associations between adult height, BMI and serum concentrations of IGF-I and IGFBP-1 -2 and -3 in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)

Ann.Hum.Biol.:38(2), 194-202

Curwen, G.B. et al.

A study of DNA damage recognition and repair gene polymorphisms in relation to cancer predisposition and G2 chromosomal radiosensitivity

Environ.Mol.Mutagen.:52(1), 72-6

Dahl, C. et al.

Advances in DNA methylation: 5-hydroxymethylcytosine revisited


Dahm, C.C. et al.

Adipose tissue Fatty Acid patterns and changes in anthropometry: a cohort study

PLoS.ONE.:6(7), e22587-e22587

Dalton, S.O. et al.

Socioeconomic position, stage of lung cancer and time between referral and diagnosis in Denmark, 2001-2008

Br J Cancer:105(7), 1042-8

de Nazelle, A. et al.

Improving health through policies that promote active travel: A review of evidence to support integrated health impact assessment

Environ.Int.:37(4), 766-777

Deltour, I. et al.

Analysis of 3-dimensional SAR distributions emitted by mobile phones in an epidemiological perspective

Bioelectromagnetics:32(8), 634-43

Devgan, S.S. et al.

Homozygous deficiency of ubiquitin-ligase ring-finger protein RNF168 mimics the radiosensitivity syndrome of ataxia-telangiectasia

Cell Death.Differ.

Dobbins, S.E. et al.

Common variation at 10p12.31 near MLLT10 influences meningioma risk

Nat.Genet.:43(9), 825-827

Du, H. et al.

Genetic polymorphisms in the hypothalamic pathway in relation to subsequent weight change--the DiOGenes study

PLoS.ONE.:6(2), e17436-e17436

Eeles, R. et al.

Multicentric breast cancer: clonality and prognostic studies

Breast Cancer Res.Treat.:129(3), 703-716

Ejlertsen, B. et al.

Prognostic and predictive role of ESR1 status for postmenopausal patients with endocrine-responsive early breast cancer in the Danish cohort of the BIG 1-98 trial


Eriksen, K.T. et al.

Determinants of plasma PFOA and PFOS levels among 652 Danish men

Environ.Sci.Technol. 2011:45(19), 8137-8143

Faber, M.T. et al.

Genital chlamydia, genital herpes, Trichomonas vaginalis and gonorrhea prevalence, and risk factors among nearly 70,000 randomly selected women in 4 Nordic countries

Sex Transm.Dis. 2011:38(8), 727-734

Farkas, T. et al.

Identification of small molecule inhibitors of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and autophagy

J.Biol.Chem.:286(45), 38904-38912

Faurschou, M. et al.

High risk of ischemic heart disease in patients with lupus nephritis

J.Rheumatol. 2011:38(11), 2400-2405

Figueiredo, J.C. et al.

Risk of contralateral breast cancer associated with common variants in BRCA1 and BRCA2: potential modifying effect of BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carrier status

Breast Cancer Res.Treat.:127(3), 819-829

Flensborg-Madsen, T. et al.

A prospective association between quality of life and risk for cancer

Eur.J.Cancer:47(16), 2446-2452

Franceschi, S. et al.

Infection with hepatitis B and C viruses and risk of lymphoid malignancies in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)

Cancer Epidemiol.Biomarkers Prev. 29-10-2010:20(1), 208-214

Frankel, L.B. et al.

microRNA-101 is a potent inhibitor of autophagy

EMBO J.:30(22), 4628-4641

Fuglede, N. et al.

Incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Denmark, 1978-2007

Br J Dermatol:165(2), 349-53

Gheit, T. et al.

Risks for persistence and progression by human papillomavirus type 16 variant lineages among a population-based sample of Danish women

Cancer Epidemiol.Biomarkers Prev. 2011:20(7), 1315-1321

Goode, E.L. et al.

Assessment of hepatocyte growth factor in ovarian cancer mortality

Cancer Epidemiol.Biomarkers Prev. 2011:20(8), 1638-1648

Halkjaer, J. et al.

Intake of total, animal and plant protein and subsequent changes in weight or waist circumference in European men and women: the Diogenes project.

Int J Obes:35(8), 1104-13

Hannibal, C.G. et al.

Trends in incidence of borderline ovarian tumors in Denmark 1978-2006

Acta Obstet.Gynecol.Scand.:90(4), 305-312

Hansen, D.G. et al.

Adult cancer rehabilitation [In Danish]

Ugeskr.Laeger:173(24), 1725-1727

Hansen, J. et al.

The supplementary pension fund register

Scand.J.Public Health:39(7 Suppl), 99-102

Hansen, J. et al.

Occupation and cancer risk by use of Danish registers

Scand.J.Public Health:39(7 Suppl), 136-140

Hansen, J. et al.

Night shiftwork and breast cancer risk: overall evidence

Occup.Environ.Med. 2011:68(3), 236-

Hansson, H. et al.

Hospital-based home care for children with cancer

Pediatr.Blood Cancer:57(3), 369-377

Haupt, R.M. et al.

Impact of an HPV6/11/16/18 L1 virus-like particle vaccine on progression to cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in seropositive women with HPV16/18 infection

Int.J Cancer 2012:129(11), 2632-2642

Hermann, S. et al.

The association of education with body mass index and waist circumference in the EPIC-PANACEA study

BMC Public Health.:17(11), 169-169

Huang, R.S. et al.

Platinum sensitivity-related germline polymorphism discovered via a cell-based approach and analysis of its association with outcome in ovarian cancer patients

Clin.Cancer Res. 2011:17(16), 5490-5500

Hvilsom, G.B. et al.

Socioeconomic position and breast reconstruction in Danish women

Acta Oncol:50(2), 265-73

Hvilsom, G.B. et al.

The clinical course of immediate breast implant reconstruction after breast cancer

Acta Oncol.:50(7), 1045-1052

Jakobsen, M.U. et al.

Plasma Phospholipid Long-Chain n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Body Weight Change

Obes Facts:4(4), 312-8

Jakszyn, P. et al.

Red Meat, Dietary Nitrosamines, and Heme Iron and Risk of Bladder Cancer in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)

Cancer Epidemiol.Biomarkers Prev.:20(3), 555-559

Jamshidi, M. et al.

NQO1 expression correlates inversely with NFkappaB activation in human breast cancer

Breast Cancer Res.Treat.

Jensen, K.E. et al.

Women's sexual behavior. Population-based study among 65 000 women from four Nordic countries before introduction of human papillomavirus vaccination

Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica:90(5), 459-67

Joensen, A.M. et al.

Marine n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Adipose Tissue and the Risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Circulation:124(11), 1232-1238

Jorda, R. et al.

Pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidine Bioisostere of Roscovitine: Evaluation of a Novel Selective Inhibitor of Cyclin-dependent Kinases with Antiproliferative Activity


Ketzel, M. et al.

Evaluation of AirGIS: a GIS-based air pollution and human exposure modelling system

Int J Environ Pollut 2011:47(1-4), 226-238

Kjaer, T.K. et al.

Impact of symptom burden on health related quality of life of cancer survivors in a Danish cancer rehabilitation program: A longitudinal study

Acta Oncol.:50(2), 223-32

Kjaer, T.K. et al.

Suicide in Danish women evaluated for fertility problems

Hum.Reprod. 2011:26(9), 2401-2407

Klionsky, D.J. et al.

A comprehensive glossary of autophagy-related molecules and processes (2nd edition)

Autophagy.:7(11), 1273-1294

Koch, S.V. et al.

Marriage and divorce among childhood cancer survivors

J.Pediatr.Hematol.Oncol.:33(7), 500-505

Kosar, M. et al.

Senescence-associated heterochromatin foci are dispensable for cellular senescence, occur in a cell type- and insult-dependent manner and follow expression of p16(ink4a)

Cell Cycle:10(3), 457-468

Kramer, A. et al.

Centrosome clustering and chromosomal (in)stability: A matter of life and death


Kurman, R.J. et al.

Papillary tubal hyperplasia: the putative precursor of ovarian atypical proliferative (borderline) serous tumors, noninvasive implants, and endosalpingiosis

Am.J.Surg.Pathol. 2011:35(11), 1605-1614

Kusk, K.O. et al.

Endocrine potency of wastewater: Contents of endocrine disrupting chemicals and effects measured by in vivo and in vitro assays

Environ.Toxicol.Chem.:30(2), 413-426

Kyro, C. et al.

Intake of whole grains in Scandinavia is associated with healthy lifestyle, socio-economic and dietary factors

Public Health Nutr.:14(10), 1787-95

Landberg, R. et al.

Determinants of plasma alkylresorcinol concentration in Danish postmenopausal women

Eur J Clin Nutr:65(1), 94-101

Langballe, R. et al.

Risk for second primary non-breast cancer in pre- and postmenopausal women with breast cancer not treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or endocrine therapy

Eur J Cancer JNCI + EUR J Cancer:47(6), 946-52

Larjavaara, S. et al.

Location of gliomas in relation to mobile telephone use: a case-case and case-specular analysis

Am.J.Epidemiol.:174(1), 2-11

Lehtinen, M. et al.

Chlamydia trachomatis infection and risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Sex Transm.Infect. 2011:87(5), 372-376

Leufkens, A.M. et al.

Cigarette smoking and colorectal cancer risk in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition study

Clin.Gastroenterol.Hepatol.:9(2), 137-144

Loffler, H. et al.

Cep63 Recruits Cdk1 to the Centrosome: Implications for Regulation of Mitotic Entry, Centrosome Amplification, and Genome Maintenance

Cancer Res.:71(6), 2129-2139

Lu, D. et al.

Comparison of candidate serologic markers for type I and type II ovarian cancer

Gynecol.Oncol. 2011:122(3), 560-566

Lukas, C. et al.

53BP1 nuclear bodies form around DNA lesions generated by mitotic transmission of chromosomes under replication stress

Nat.Cell Biol.:13(3), 243-253

Lukas, J. et al.

Tethered Genes Get Checked during Replication

Cell:146(2), 189-191

Lukas, J. et al.

More than just a focus: The chromatin response to DNA damage and its role in genome integrity maintenance

Nat.Cell Biol.:13(10), 1161-1169

Lurie, G. et al.

Vitamin D receptor rs2228570 polymorphism and invasive ovarian carcinoma risk: Pooled analysis in five studies within the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium

Int.J.Cancer:128(4), 936-43

Lurie, G. et al.

Estrogen receptor beta rs1271572 polymorphism and invasive ovarian carcinoma risk: pooled analysis within the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium

PLoS.ONE. 2011:6(6), e20703-

Mahalka, A.K. et al.

Activation of phospholipase A2 by Hsp70 in vitro

Biochim.Biophys.Acta:1808(10), 2569-2572

Manoukian, S. et al.

Two new CHEK2 germ-line variants detected in breast cancer/sarcoma families negative for BRCA1, BRCA2, and TP53 gene mutations

Breast Cancer Res.Treat.

Manthripragada, A.D. et al.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and risk of Parkinson's Disease

Neuroepidemiology.:36(3), 155-61

Mathiasen, D.P. et al.

Identification of a c-Jun N-terminal kinase-2-dependent signal amplification cascade that regulates c-Myc levels in ras transformation


McCormack, V.A. et al.

Aspirin and NSAID use and lung cancer risk: a pooled analysis in the International Lung Cancer Consortium (ILCCO)

Cancer Causes Control:22(12), 1709-20

Mellemkjaer, L. et al.

Risk of primary non-breast cancer after female breast cancer by age at diagnosis

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev:20(8), 1784-92

Mellemkjaer, L. et al.

Associations of Body Composition Measures and Endogenous Sex-Steroid Hormones among Postmenopausal Women

Open Obes J 2011:3, 51-55

Menvielle, G. et al.

The contribution of risk factors to the higher incidence of invasive and in situ breast cancers in women with higher levels of education in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition

Am.J.Epidemiol.:173(1), 26-37

Miao, H. et al.

Incidence and outcome of male breast cancer: an international population-based study

J.Clin.Oncol. 2011:29(33), 4381-4386

Mitchell, A.J. et al.

Prevalence of depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorder in oncological, haematological, and palliative-care settings: a meta-analysis of 94 interview-based studies

Lancet Oncol.:12(2), 160-174

Moller, H.D. et al.

Role of fibulin-5 in metastatic organ colonization

Mol.Cancer Res.:9(5), 553-563

Moudry, P. et al.

Nucleoporin NUP153 guards genome integrity by promoting nuclear import of 53BP1

Cell Death.Differ.

Near, A.M. et al.

Progesterone receptor gene polymorphisms and risk of endometriosis: results from an international collaborative effort

Fertil.Steril.:95(1), 40-45

Neasham, D. et al.

Occupation and risk of lymphoma: a multicentre prospective cohort study (EPIC)

Occup.Environ.Med.:68(1), 77-81

Nielsen, N.M. et al.

Reproductive history and risk of multiple sclerosis

Epidemiology 2011:22(4), 546-552

Nordsborg, R.B. et al.

Cancer in first-degree relatives and risk of testicular cancer in Denmark

Int.J.Cancer 2011:129(10), 2485-2491

Notaridou, M. et al.

Common alleles in candidate susceptibility genes associated with risk and development of epithelial ovarian cancer

Int.J.Cancer 2011:128(9), 2063-2074

Nylandsted, J. et al.

ErbB2-associated changes in the lysosomal proteome

Proteomics.:11(14), 2830-2838

Olsen, A. et al.

Healthy aspects of the Nordic diet are related to lower total mortality

J Nutr:141(4), 639-44

Olsen, J.H. et al.

Parkinson disease and malignant melanoma in first-degree relatives of patients with early-onset melanoma

Epidemiology Epidemiol.:22(1), 109-12

Outzen, M. et al.

Dietary determinants for Hb-acrylamide and Hb-glycidamide adducts in Danish non-smoking women

Brit J Nutr:105(9), 1381-7

Pearce, C.L. et al.

Genetic variation in insulin-like growth factor 2 may play a role in ovarian cancer risk

Hum.Mol.Genet. 2011:20(11), 2263-2272

Peurala, H. et al.

MiR-34a Expression Has an Effect for Lower Risk of Metastasis and Associates with Expression Patterns Predicting Clinical Outcome in Breast Cancer

PLoS.ONE.:6(11), e26122-

Pharoah, P.D. et al.

The role of KRAS rs61764370 in invasive epithelial ovarian cancer: implications for clinical testing

Clin.Cancer Res. 2011:17(11), 3742-3750

Purdue, M.P. et al.

Genome-wide association study of renal cell carcinoma identifies two susceptibility loci on 2p21 and 11q13.3

Nat.Genet.:43(1), 60-65

Raaschou-Nielsen, O. et al.

Lung cancer incidence and long-term exposure to air pollution from traffic

Environ Health Perspect.:119(6), 860-5

Raaschou-Nielsen, O. et al.

Predictors of indoor fine particulate matter in infants' bedrooms in Denmark

Environ.Res.:111(1), 87-93

Raaschou-Nielsen, O. et al.

Air pollution from traffic and cancer incidence:a Danish cohort study

Environ Health:10(67), .-.

Rinaldi, S. et al.

Endogenous sex steroids and risk of cervical carcinoma: results from the EPIC study

Cancer Epidemiol.Biomarkers Prev. 2011:20(12), 2532-2540

Rohrmann, S. et al.

Consumption of meat and dairy and lymphoma risk in the the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition

Int J Cancer:128(3), 623-34

Rugbjerg, K. et al.

Pesticide exposure and risk of Parkinson's disease - a population-based case-control study evaluating the potential for recall bias

Scand.J.Work Environ.Health:37(5), 427-36

Schernhammer, E. et al.

Diabetes and the risk of developing Parkinson's disease in Denmark

Diabetes Care:34(5), 1102-1108

Schmidt, L.S. et al.

Incidence of childhood central nervous system tumors in the Nordic countries

Pediatr Blood Cancer:56(1), 65-9

Schutze, M. et al.

Alcohol attributable burden of incidence of cancer in eight European countries based on results from prospective cohort study

BMJ:342, d1584-d1584

Schuz, J. et al.

Long-term mobile phone use and the risk of vestibular schwannoma: a danish nationwide cohort study

Am.J.Epidemiol.:174(4), 416-422

Serio, G. et al.

Small GTPase Rab5 participates in chromosome congression and regulates localization of the centromere-associated protein CENP-F to kinetochores

Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A:108(42), 17337-17342

Serizawa, R.R. et al.

Integrated genetic and epigenetic analysis of bladder cancer reveals an additive diagnostic value of FGFR3 mutations and hypermethylation events

Int.J.Cancer:129(1), 78-87

Sluik, D. et al.

Associations between general and abdominal adiposity and mortality in individuals with diabetes mellitus

Am.J.Epidemiol.:174(1), 22-34

Sorensen, M. et al.

Road traffic noise and stroke: a prospective cohort study

Eur.Heart J. 2011:32(6), 737-744

Sorensen, M. et al.

Exposure to road traffic and railway noise and associations with blood pressure and self-reported hypertension: a cohort study

Environ.Health 2011:10, 92-

Staahl, O. et al.

Risk of birth abnormalities in the offspring of men with a history of cancer: a cohort study using Danish and Swedish national registries

J Natl.Cancer Inst.:103(5), 398-406

Stevens, R.G. et al.

Considerations of circadian impact for defining 'shift work' in cancer studies: IARC Working Group Report

Occup.Environ.Med. 2011:68(2), 154-162

Stoler, M.H. et al.

The accuracy of colposcopic biopsy: analyses from the placebo arm of the Gardasil clinical trials

Int.J Cancer 2011:128(6), 1354-1362

Strauss, R. et al.

Analysis of epithelial and mesenchymal markers in ovarian cancer reveals phenotypic heterogeneity and plasticity

PLoS.ONE.:6(1), e16186-

Szyniarowski, P. et al.

A comprehensive siRNA screen for kinases that suppress macroautophagy in optimal growth conditions

Autophagy.:7(8), 892-903

Tawn, E.J. et al.

Germline minisatellite mutations in survivors of childhood and young adult cancer treated with radiation

Int.J.Radiat.Biol.:87(3), 330-340

Teraoka, S.N. et al.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with risk for contralateral breast cancer in the Women's Environment, Cancer, and Radiation Epidemiology (WECARE) Study

Breast Cancer Res. 2011:13(6), R114-

van Veldhoven, C.M. et al.

Physical activity and lymphoid neoplasms in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and nutrition (EPIC)

Eur.J.Cancer 2011:47(5), 748-760

Vestergaard, A.L. et al.

Oncogenic events associated with endometrial and ovarian cancers are rare in endometriosis


Westerlund, N. et al.

Phosphorylation of SCG10/stathmin-2 determines multipolar stage exit and neuronal migration rate

Nat.Neurosci.:14(3), 305-313

Winther, J.F. et al.

Adverse reproductive effects of treatment for cancer in childhood and adolescence

Eur.J.Cancer:47 Suppl 3, S230-S238

Wong, C.A. et al.

Approaches to monitoring biological outcomes for HPV vaccination: Challenges of early adopter countries

Vaccine:29(5), 878-85

Yonekawa, K. et al.

Myeloid related proteins activate Toll-like receptor 4 in human acute coronary syndromes


Zhu, Y. et al.

Epigenetic impact of long-term shiftwork: pilot evidence from circadian genes and whole-genome methylation analysis

Chronobiol.Int. 2011:28(10), 852-861