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Psychosocial Cancer Reseach - Funding Opportunities

The Psychosocial Research Committee (KBPF) will evaluate the applications.

Please note that ALL applications dealing with epidemiology must be submitted to the Scientific Committee (KBVU).

Procedure for applying:

1) Read the following guidelines:

General guidelines for applications to KBPF

Advice and guidelines when writing applications for funding of

scientific projects

(and specific guidelines if you apply for stays abroad)

2) Log on to the application system fill in alle the steps.

3) Send the application in the relevant number of sets to:

Funding Section

Danish Cancer Society

Strandboulevarden 49

DK - 2100 København Ø

In case the deadline for applications falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the deadline will be the first coming weekday. Response to the application and availability of a possible grant is stated in the guidelines.

Practical guidance

In case you have questions regarding the information in the forms and guidelines, please contact the

Funding Section .

Technical guidance

If this is your first time applying, we recommend that you seek technical guidance by experienced colleagues.

Funding possibilities in KBPF:

Project related expenses, scholar fellowships and preparatory scholarships

The Danish Cancer Society fund research in psychological and social aspects of cancer – from studies of more general matters for patients with cancer to more specific and defined studies. This kind of research includes topics as palliative effort, care, relations between patient and doctor, relatives, children and youngsters, research in behavior, ethic and the structure and function in the public health system in relation to cancer.