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About Researchfish ®

Researchfish® is an online facility that enables research funders and Research Organisations to track the impacts of their investments, and researchers to log the outputs, outcomes and impacts of their work.

It is currently used by over 100 funders in the UK, North America and Europe to gather information from researchers about the outcomes from their work. In Denmark the Lundbeck Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation also use Researchfish – with more research funders to come. 

For a full overview of Researchfish’s functionality, please see the Researchfish website.


NB: Other funders may differ from the Danish Cancer Society in how they use Researchfish e.g. they may have different submission periods or compliance requirements. Award holders who are required to submit outcomes to other funders should therefore approach them directly for further guidance:

Researchfish® members

Recommendations when using Researchfish

  • View the bite-size help videos.  They are the quickest way to learn more about specific aspects of the system.
  • Use the Delegate function to invite others to add data into your profile on your behalf.
  • Use the ‘Research Team’ functions for collaborative grants (to invite other principal investigators to share their outputs with you, or to share your outputs).
  • You can paste in lists of publication IDs (e.g. PubMed IDs) adding up to 200 papers in one go.
  • Don’t forget to attribute your output/outcomes to relevant grant funding (this is especially important if you only have one award as it may not be obvious to you that you need to attribute your output information). Information in the ‘Portfolio’ area must be attributed to a grant before this is visible to a funder.
  • You can group multiple grants to make it easier to attribute outputs to multiple awards in a single action.
  • If you cannot see the SAVE button, please scroll down the page!
  • You must press the SUBMIT button to finalise your submission – you will receive a confirmation email from Researchfish Ltd. If you think you have submitted and you have not received the email within 2 hours, please check that you have submitted
  • The SUBMIT button is only available when the Submission period is open. Only the PI can see and click on the ‘Submission’ button.  Delegates are not able to submit on behalf of a PI.
  • A PI can submit multiple times until the end of the submission period. If something has been forgotten, just amend the data and use the green RESUBMIT button.
  • Some questions may be mandatory and you will not be able to submit if you have not answered these questions.