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Help and Guidance For Researchfish®

A short introductory video is available on the Researchfish website. More videos are available on a dedicated YouTube channel, and on Vimeo. Help and guidance is provided throughout the system (see the blue “?” symbol throughout). They also have a list of FAQs you can access.

Researchfish Ltd host regular webinars for both PIs and ROs, where they guide you through the use of the system, or look in more detail at particular areas of functionality. New users are encouraged to sign up for these free short sessions. You can also use their knowledgebase for additional support on their website.

You will also find more recommendations to help you use the system on our About Researchfish page.

Support Contacts

If you have problems logging in or other technical issues associated with the Researchfish system, please contact Researchfish directly via email at support@researchfish.com. There is also an online Help Centre available from within the system, with context sensitive enquiry functionality, an interactive help tool and Live Chat available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday–Friday (UK time).

For non-technical enquiries, you can also contact the Danish Cancer Society’s Funding Section via email: forskningsbevilling@cancer.dk or by telephone on +45 3525 7259, 8:30 – 15.00, Monday-Friday (DK time).