The Danish Cancer Society

One in every three Danes contract cancer at some point in their lives. Two in three have a relative suffering from cancer. Faced with these figures, the Danish Cancer Society aims to unite the Danish population in a strong, active effort against cancer.

Headquarters of the Danish Cancer Society

Headquarters of the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen

An introduction to the Danish Cancer Society
About the Danish Cancer Society

A brief introduction to cancer and to the Danish Cancer Society.

Key figures, causes and statistics:

An introduction (pdf)

The Danish Cancer Society has more than 400,000 members - and almost 45,000 volunteers doing what corresponds to around 870 full-time jobs. With around 690 full-time employees, the Danish Cancer Society therefor has more volunteers than employees. 

We are a democratic membership organisation, whose course is charted by the volunteers and members. The volunteers represent the highest authority of the Danish Cancer Society. They elect the president, set the rules and regulations of the society and identify our main focus areas.

Our vision

  • A life without cancer

Our mission

  • Increasing cancer survival rates
  • Reducing the number of cancer cases
  • Improving life with cancer

Main purpose

  • Research
  • Prevention
  • Patient support
Annual report 2018

Download our Annual Report 2018 and read about the many results we achieved last year:

Annual Report 2018 (pdf)

Organogram of the Danish Cancer Society
Organogram of the Danish Cancer Society

This organogram gives an overview of how the Danish Cancer Society is organised


Download and read the Statutes of the Danish Cancer Society:

Statutes - Danish Cancer Society

Research departments

For a more detailed description of the work of some of our research departments, please follow the link below:

Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC)

Research funding

Read a short introduction to our research funding guidelines in English here:


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