About us

The Danish NCD Alliance is a cooperation between the Danish Cancer Society and the Danish Diabetes Association.

About us

Susanne Volqvartz and members of the board of the East African NCD Alliance.

The Organisation

The Danish NCD Alliance is organised with a president and a steering committee, with leadership representation from the member associations.

The daily assignments are managed by the secretariat, with the possibilities of drawing on resources from the project group.

President and Steering Committee:

President: Professor, dr.med. Per Kallestrup

The Danish Diabetes Association: Director Charlotte Rulffs Klausen

The Danish Cancer Society: Head of Political and Legal Department Una Jensen

The Secretariat:

Director of Development: Stefan Islandi

Program Officer: Morten Bach

Project Assistant: Sandra Hou Vinter

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The Project Group:

The Danish Diabetes Association: Charlotte Rulffs Klausen (Advocacy and strategy)

The Danish Cancer Society: Marlène Spielmann (Patient support) and Frederik Westh-Jensen (Finance)      


The Danish NCD Alliance receive the majority of its funds from the Danish International Development Agency’s (DANIDA) Civil Society Fund.

Besides this the member associations contributes with technical expertise and a financial contribution of 360.000 DKK a year, equally divided between the organisations.

Funds received from the Civil Society Fund

For Programme 14,1 million DKK  Since 2020
For Uganda 7,0 million DKK Since 2010
For Tanzania 4,5 million DKK Since 2011
For Zanzibar 3,0 million DKK Since 2013
For Burundi 0,7 million DKK Since 2017
For Rwanda 1,25 million DKK Since 2017
For Kenya 1,7 million DKK Since 2019
For the East African NCD Alliance 3,8 million DKK Since 2014
For information in Denmark 45.000 DKK Since 2012

Global Advocacy

We are very engaged in global advocacy; in order to secure NCDs a spot on the global agenda. In this we are closely affiliated with the global NCD Alliance, so for more information about NCDs and global advocacy please visit their webpage:

The global NCD Alliance