Grant to support NCD Alliance in Burundi

With a grant of 200.000 DKK (app. 30.000 USD) from the Danish International Development Agency’s Civil Society Fund, we are able to contribute to the development of Burundi NCD Alliance.

NCDs are also a problem in one of the world’s poorest counties.

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are not solely a western problem. In Burundi with the worlds lowest registered GDP per capita are NCDs not only a huge problem, but means as Burundi is still troubled with a high degree of communicable diseases, that they face a double disease burden.

The risk of premature death due to a NCD in Burundi is 24%. The risk factors are alarming too. A regional study found that 25,2% had hypertension, 20% used tobacco and staggering 88% drank alcohol. Therefore, there is a need for a strong and immediate action in order to fight and prevent NCDs in Burundi.

A foundation to build on

Burundi NCD Alliance was started in 2016 with the support of our East African project (EANCDA). The alliance is an alliance between 10 civil society organisations in Burundi, all engaged in the fight against NCDs. They have in the past year already managed, with small funds from East Africa NCD Alliance, to implement concrete activities with good results. Among these are recruitment of 1200 members, successful media campaigns and cooperation with MPs and the ministry of health.      

This great foundation we are able to build on with this grant, so we can work towards a strong and independent NCD civil society in Burundi.

The project

The project will include training of volunteers, capacity building of Burundi NCD Alliance and strengthening of regional cooperation between the countries in East Africa. The project will run for 14 months and end in the autumn of 2018.