Grant to support NCD Alliance in Rwanda

With a grant of more than 250.000 DKK (app. 40.000 USD) from the Danish International Development Agency’s Civil Society Fund, we are able to contribute to the development of Rwanda NCD Alliance.

NCDs are also a problem in developing countries

Communicable diseases are still a major problem in Rwanda. At the same time the country, face a massive rise in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which today accounts for 52% of all district hospital outpatients’ consultations. At the same time, the risk factors are high, 22% of the population are overweight and 24% experience periods of heavy drinking. Therefor are Rwanda experiencing a double disease burden, where they are faced with huge challenges from both communicable dieses and NCDs.

A strong foundation

Rwanda NCD Alliance was founded in 2014 with support from our project in East Africa (EANCDA). The alliance is a union between 13 CSOs, all of them engage in the fight against NCDs I Rwanda. Since the formation of the alliance in 2014 and despite very limited funds, the alliance has managed to actively participate in car free Sundays in the capital Kigali, to engage patients and to cooperate with the ministry of health.

Car Free Sundays and other activities

The car free Sundays in Kigali have been a massive success, and gained lots of attention from both politicians and media. Therefor we will increase our engagement at these, to provide our message about risk factors and symptoms of NCDs. Besides this we will support Rwanda NCD Alliance with capacity development and training of volunteers.