New grant to Uganda NCD Alliance

With a grant of 500.000 DKK (app. 75.500 USD) from the Danish International Development Agency’s Civil Society Fund, Uganda NCD Alliance will be able to continue its important work fighting NCDs in Uganda.

Photo: WHO/A. Wang

NCD in Uganda
Uganda is like many other of the sub-Saharan countries disproportionately affected by NCDs. 75% of NCD deaths occur in developing countries of which 40% are premature. The risk of dying between 30-70 years is 22% in Uganda and much of the Ugandan population is still significantly unaware of the risks and how to prevent NCDs. There has however been progress on the area as evident through the establishment of an NCD department in the Ministry of Health and a division working with Lifestyle Diseases, but NCDs still need to be of a much higher priority in order for Uganda to cope with the burden of NCDs.


The project
Uganda is our oldest and most developed partnership. It was established in 2010 and has since then developed a wide branch structure covering most of the country. The project will aim at enforcing the collaboration between these branches and their ability to do outreaches on their own. Besides this, the project will aim at providing local health clinics with the tools and capacity to screen and collect NCD information on local citizens, which will be used in advocacy efforts.