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Postdoctoral positions at the Danish Cancer Society

  • Region:Hovedstaden
  • Ansøgningsfrist:31. January 2019
Postdoctoral positions at the Danish Cancer Society  
Two postdoctoral positions are available for motivated and ambitious candidates in the Genome Integrity Unit at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center.  
Duration: two years, potentially extendable.
The job  
We offer an exciting job in an international environment with a strong record in generating new discoveries within the field of cell and cancer biology. You will participate in interesting and highly cancer-relevant projects related to DNA damage signalling and repair, ribosomal stress and impact on cancer development and treatment.  
The Genome Integrity Unit has 35 employees organized in three research groups. Current openings are under Unit Leader Jiri Bartek and Group Leader Dorthe Helena Larsen (Nucleolar Stress and Disease Group). Successful candidates will be associated with and supervised by the specific PI responsible for the assigned project. In addition, we have scientific meetings, journal club and social events at unit level. We are one out of seven research units in the Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC).
Work tasks  
  • To investigate the cellular networks controlling genome integrity, ribosome biogenesis and protein translation in mammalian, mainly human cells, and their defects in cancer.  
  • To study molecular mechanisms of cellular stress responses, including signalling, checkpoints and effector pathways, upon DNA damage and ribosomal biogenesis stress.  
  • To explore the knowledge about the genome integrity maintenance, ribosome biogenesis and proteosynthesis mechanisms in cancer treatment at a preclinical level.  
Education required  
You hold a PhD or an MD degree in the area of biomedicine from an internationally recognized research center/University  
Additional Qualifications:  
  • You are self-motivated, ambitious, responsible, like to work independently and have:  
  • Strong hands-on experience with molecular and cellular biology-based techniques and biochemistry  
  • Very good written and spoken English communication skills  
  • Expertise in work on DNA damage responses, nucleolar biology, protein translation or ribosome biogenesis  
  • Experience with advanced microscopy techniques including confocal microscopy and live cell imaging  
We expect that you are a team player with good collaboration skills.  
Place of Employment  
You will be part of an international, inspiring and informal work environment. We have an in-house seminar series with national and international speakers and workshops focusing on a variety of different scientific topics. Our research facilities include newly build laboratories with in-house access to state of the art equipment. The DCRC is located close to the centre of Copenhagen and have several benefits for the personnel, such as health conscious canteen, well-functioning sports activities, and an inspiring art society. Your Salary & Pension will be according to the current agreements between the Danish Cancer Society and the relevant trade union.
Further information  
For further information please visit our homepage (www.cancer.dk/research/) or contact Dr. Dorthe Helena Larsen: dhl@cancer.dk or Professor Jiri Bartek: jb@cancer.dk.  
Deadline: January 31st, 2019  
Positions are available from spring 2019 or according to agreement. Duration: two years, potentially extendable.  
The application should be written in English including a CV, a list of publications, skills/expertise, and at least two references from previous working place(s).  
The application labelled ‘Genome Integrity Unit’ should be submitted through the electronic form at the Danish Cancer Society’s homepage:  
  • Go to the homepage: http://www.cancer.dk/job  
  • Click the link for this position at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center  
  • Click the link: "Apply for position" in the bottom of the job posting.  
  • Then enter your contact information and attachments.  
Danish Cancer Society  
Strandboulevarden 49  
DK – 2100 Copenhagen  


Jiri Bartek
Dorthe Helena Payne-Larsen
Nanna Bjørn Volqvartz