Computational Biology Laboratory - Junior Group

The junior group Computational Biology Laboratory was established in 2016 and is headed by Elena Papaleo

Computational Biology Laboratory

Members of the Computational Biology Laboratory, February 2016

We apply computational biology to cancer

We are an enthusiastic and friendly group of young researchers in many different fields of computational biology applied to cancer. A part of the group is also carrying out methodological projects in biomolecular modeling, differential expression analyses, molecular simulations, and biological network analysis to ensure that up-to-date methods and approaches will be employed.

Indeed, CBL is focusing on many projects from structural biology, biomolecular simulations and modeling to multi-omics, biological network analyses using integrative computational approaches. We will also very soon establish bioinformatic research related to ribosome profiling methods. We work in tight collaborations with experimentalists at the DCRC, in Denmark and abroad. The main emphasis in our research is to unravel key players in cancer mechanisms, especially focusing on intrinsic disordered proteins in autophagy and cell cycle regulation, ubiquitination pathway, interplay between post-translational modifications and mutations, chaperones, kinases/phosphatases, transcription factors, metal toxicity, membrane proteins, microRNAs and DNA damage/repair.


Additional information on our group is available here:


Elena Papaleo,