Congratulations to Jesper Nylandsted


Group leader Jesper Nylandsted

For the next three years, Jesper Nylandsted will be heading a group of Danish researchers investigating how cancer cells repair damages to their membranes. The work is funded by an Interdisciplinary Synergy Grant from the Novo Nordisk foundation, totalling 15 million DKK.

- The strength of the project is that we are a group with different types of expertise. By combining molecular biology, physics, and knowledge about surface structures with research in computer simulations, we hope to acquire a much deeper understanding of how the cancer cells maintain the cell membrane than possible when working separately. We are very happy to receive the grant and eager to get to work, says Jesper Nylandsted.

In addition to Jesper Nylandsted, the group consists of Poul Martin Bendix from the Niels Bohr Institute at University of Copenhagen, and Adam Cohen Simonsen and Himanshu Khandelia, both from the University of Southern Denmark.


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