Membrane Systems Biology

Group leader: Kenji Maeda

We explore architecture and functionality of cancer cells with focus on membrane lipids. We elucidate how cancerous transformation alters the usage and needs for a variety of lipids by coupling systematic approaches of organelle purification with quantitative mass spectrometry-based lipidomics. Through the mapping of cellular distribution and metabolism for hundreds of lipids, we aim to identify key lipid metabolic pathways with crucial importance for cancer pathophysiology as new therapeutic targets.

Kenji Maeda

Kenji Maeda

Kenji Maeda has done his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark 2007, whereafter he became a postdoctoral fellow at EMBL Heidelberg 2008-2014.

Recipient of Sapere Aude DFF-Starting Grant 2016.


Kenji Maeda


Selected publications:

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