Cell Division Laboratory

Group leader: Marin Barisic

Cell Division Laboratory

Work in CDL is based on investigation of the molecular mechanisms of chromosomal and cytoskeletal dynamics, whose alterations during the cell cycle promote aneuploidy and metastasis, and consequently facilitate tumorigenesis.

Our research is highly based on investigation of

  • mechanisms of chromosome congression and segregation during mitosis
  • regulation of microtubule dynamics
  • the impact of tubulin PTMs on the activity of cytoskeletal motor proteins and their roles in chromosomal and cellular movements
Marin Barisic

Marin Barisic

Marin Barisic earned his Diploma in Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, and his PhD in Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology at the Innsbruck Medical University in Austria.

After finishing his Postdoc at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology in Porto, Portugal, he started his own research group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Marin has a strong interest in advanced live cell imaging and his work is based on investigation of molecular mechanisms behind chromosomal and cytoskeletal dynamics

Five selected publications:

Maiato, H., Gomes, A. M., Sousa, F., Barisic, M.
Mechanisms of chromosome congression during mitosis.
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Barisic, M., Silva e Sousa, R., Tripathy, S. K., Magiera, M. M., Zaytsev, A. V., Pereira, A. L., Janke, C., Grishchuk, E. L., Maiato, H.
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Science 2015: 348(6236), 799-803

Barisic, M., Aguiar, P., Geley, S., Maiato, H.
Kinetochore motors drive congression of peripheral polar chromosomes by overcoming random arm-ejection forces.
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Wandke, C., Barisic, M., Sigl, R., Rauch, V., Wolf, F., Amaro, A. C., Tan, C. H., Pereira, A. J., Kutay, U., Maiato, H., Meraldi, P., Geley, S.
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Barisic, M., Sohm, B., Mikolcevic, P., Wandke, C., Rauch, V., Ringer, T., Hess, M., Bonn, G., Geley, S.
Spindly/CCDC99 is required for efficient chromosome congression and mitotic checkpoint regulation.
Mol.Biol.Cell 2010: 21(12), 1968-1981


Marin Barisic