RNA and Autophagy

Group leader: Lisa Frankel

In the RNA and Autophagy group, we aim to understand fundamental biological mechanisms in mammalian cells and investigate how these become perturbed in the development of cancer.

We focus on autophagy, an essential cellular degradation process, which promotes survival during conditions of stress and acts as a safe keeper of cellular homeostasis. We are especially interested in the functional interplay between RNA, translation and autophagy and the biological importance of this cross-regulation.

RNA and Autophagy

Lisa Frankel

I have a strong background in molecular cancer research with expertise in the field of RNA biology, including non-coding RNAs, RNA-binding proteins and translation. During my PhD and postdoctoral work, I acquired additional knowledge and skills within the autophagy field.

My current research focuses on bridging these two fields from a molecular perspective, with the aim that our findings will contribute to development of new therapeutic strategies in cancer treatment.

Five selected publications:

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Oncogene 2019

Lubas, M., Harder, L. M., Kumsta, C., Tiessen, I., Hansen, M., Andersen, J. S., Lund, A. H., Frankel, L. B.
eIF5A is required for autophagy by mediating ATG3 translation.
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Frankel, L. B., Wen, J., Lees, M., Hoyer-Hansen, M., Farkas, T., Krogh, A., Jaattela, M., Lund, A. H.
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Lisa Frankel