Diet, Cancer and Health - Next Generations

Group leader: Jytte Halkjær

The overall focus is to collect and subsequently analyze data for the expansion of the DCH cohort.

For this purpose, we include children, their spouses and grandchildren of the original cohort to form a 3-generation family study (‘Next Generations’). In doing so, a unique resource is created that enables trans-generational studies of the pathogenesis of multiple cancers but also other non-communicable diseases.

We furthermore expect this study to be valuable in the search for new biomarkers (early detection and personalized prevention strategies).

Jytte Halkjær

Jytte Halkjær

I have worked extensively with dietary data as well as biobank coordination; furthermore, during my PhD and postdoc career I worked with anthropometry, weight and diet in relation to cancer and mortality.

Since 2013 I have been project leader and group leader (from 2016) where my primary focus is the coordination of the DCH-Next Generation data collection.

Group members

PhD students Agnetha L. Rostgaard-Hansen 
Kristina Petersen


Jytte Halkjær