Diet, Genes and Environment

Unit leader: Anne Tjønneland

Anne Tjønneland

Anne Tjønneland

I have worked at the Danish Cancer Society since 1988 and been head of research in DGE since 2011.

My overall main contribution to cancer research and prevention has been the establishment and exploitation of the Diet, Cancer and Health cohort with both national and international collaborations. A personal focus area has been the relationship between alcohol intake and cancer risk as well as the relation between whole grain intake and non-communicable diseases.

In 2013-2018 we expanded the DCH cohort by including children, their spouses, and grandchildren of the original cohort to form a 3-generation family study (‘DCH-Next Generations’ cohort). In doing so, a new unique resource was created that enables trans-generational studies of the pathogenesis of multiple cancers but also other non-communicable diseases in the future.

Access to data and/or biological material

For information about access to data and/or biological material in DCH og DCH-NG, please contact research coordinator Louise Hansen at

Six selected publications:

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Anne Tjønneland



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