Nutrition and Biomarkers

Group leader: Anja Olsen

Our overall aim is to study health effects of the diet and of dietary related items – often using biomarkers for exposure assessment. Recently, most of our research has been on phytoestrogens and their associations towards cancer incidence and prognosis.

Currently, we are in the process of establishing a clinical trial to evaluate the impact of phytoestrogens on cancer progression in women with breast cancer. We also have ongoing studies on vitamin D and selenium.

Anja Olsen

Anja Olsen

Holding an MSc in Human Nutrition, the role of diet and cancer has always been my main interest. I have been employed at the Danish Cancer Society since 2000.

I have a strong interest in conducting research that can directly affect population-related guidance.

Group members

Postdocs Cecilie Kyrø
Anne Kirstine Eriksen

Five selected publications:

Olsen, A., Egeberg, R., Halkjær, J., Christensen, J., Overvad, K., Tjønneland, A.
Healthy aspects of the Nordic diet are related to lower total mortality.
J.Nutr. 2011: 141(4), 639-644

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J.Natl.Cancer Inst. 2014: 106(1), djt352

Kyrø, C., Skeie, G., Loft, S., Landberg, R., Christensen, J., Lund, E., Nilsson, L. M., Palmqvist, R., Tjønneland, A., Olsen, A.
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Cancer Causes Control 2013: 24(7), 1363-1374

Outzen, M., Tjønneland, A., Larsen, E. H., Hansen, M., Andersen, K. K., Christensen, J., Overvad, K., Olsen, A.
Effect of increased intake of fish and mussels on exposure to toxic trace elements in a healthy, middle-aged population.
Food Addit.Contam Part A Chem.Anal.Control Expo.Risk Assess. 2015: 32(11), 1858-1866

Outzen, M., Tjønneland, A., Larsen, E. H., Friis, S., Larsen, S. B., Christensen, J., Overvad, K., Olsen, A.
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Br.J.Nutr. 2016: 115(9), 1669-1677


Anja Olsen



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