Work, Environment and Cancer

Group leader: Ole Raaschou-Nielsen

Our aim is to identify risk factors for cancer in the work- and external environment, to facilitate prevention of cancer. Our results contribute to authorities’ classification of carcinogens and documentation for the Danish National Board on Industrial Injuries.

We have an extended network of collaborators in Denmark, Europe and the USA. We use data from the Danish registers on e.g. residential or employment histories, measurements in the environment, drinking water and work places, and exposure models.

Ole Raaschou-Nielsen

Ole Raaschou-Nielsen

My main area of interest is environmental epidemiology, and I have been a group leader coordinating this research since 2001 after obtaining my PhD in 1998 at the Danish Cancer Society.

Our group investigates risk for cancer in association with environmental exposures (e.g. noise, pesticides, air pollution, chemicals) as well as work-related exposures (e.g. shift work).

We also investigate survival after cancer in relation to lifestyle and selected environmental or work-related exposures.

Group members

 Senior scientists Johnni Hansen
Ulla Hvidtfeldt
Nina Roswall
  Mette Sørensen
Staff scientist Aslak Harbo Poulsen
Postdocs Tahir Taj
Jesse Thacher
 PhD student Julie Elbæk Pedersen

Five selected publications:

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Ole Raaschou-Nielsen