Genome Integrity

Unit leader: Jiri Bartek

The group headed by J. Bartek includes 19 members who use a wide spectrum of approaches to study cell cycle and DNA damage signaling, checkpoints, DNA repair, chromatin control, cellular senescence and additional pathways in normal cells, various types of cancer and aging.

The work has been funded by sources from Denmark, Sweden, and grants at the European and global levels.

The major activities include basic and translational research, lecturing worldwide and education of young researchers.

Jiri Bartek

Jiri Bartek

Jiri Bartek’s work elucidates cell cycle control, genome integrity, and cancer.

He has studied and worked in the Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, published over 400 original articles and reviews on cell and cancer biology that are widely cited (approx. 50.000 citations; h-Index: 114). His work has been acknowledged by a number of prestigious awards in Denmark, Sweden, Israel and the Czech Republic.

Jiri Bartek is a member of editorial boards of multiple biomedical journals and a member of EMBO.

Five selected publications:

Maya-Mendoza, A., Moudry, P., Merchut-Maya, J. M., Lee, M., Strauss, R., Bartek, J. High speed of fork progression induces DNA replication stress and genomic instability.
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Alcohol-abuse drug disulfiram targets cancer via p97 segregase adaptor NPL4.
Nature 2017: 552(7684), 194-199

Jackson, S. P., Bartek, J.
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Nature 2009: 461(7267), 1071-1078

Halazonetis, T. D., Gorgoulis, V. G., Bartek, J.
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Bartkova, J., Horejsi, Z., Koed, K., Kramer, A., Tort, F., Zieger, K., Guldberg, P., Sehested, M., Nesland, J. M., Lukas, C., Ørntoft, T., Lukas, J., Bartek, J.
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Nature 2005: 434(7035), 864-870


Jiri Bartek