Group leader: Lina Steinrud Mørch

PhD, Msc in Public Health, Lina Mørch, is leader for the ‘Cancer Surveillance and Pharmacoepidemiology’ group. Lina has taken a special interest in conducting large-scale pharmacoepidemiological studies by use of nationwide prescription and disease registers. Linas main interests are cancer-, reproductive- and pharmacoepidemiology, and she has focused particularly on the influence of postmenopausal hormone therapy and hormonal contraceptives on risk of various health outcomes; including cancer risk. Recent activities also include studies of adverse health effects of drugs in children, e.g., mother’s use of drugs during pregnancy.

Lina is vice chair for the Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology and board member of the Nordic PharmacoEpidemiological Network.

Lina has worked at Danish (National Institute of Health, Copenhagen University Hospital, and Danish Cancer Society Research Center) and international research institutions (University of California Los Angeles and Medical School of Valencia) during her PhD and postdoc periods. These were followed by a position as Senior Researcher at the Copenhagen University Hospital. In 2017-19, Lina held a position at Novo Nordisk as Senior Epidemiologist working with non-interventional post marketing/Phase IV studies. In October 2019, Lina attained the position as Group leader of the research group Cancer Surveillance and Pharmacoepidemiology at the Danish Cancer Society. 


Group leader Lina Mørch 

ORCID: 0000-0001-6506-2569

Key Funding

Danish Cancer Society Scientific Committee

Nordic Cancer Union (NCU)


Novo Nordisk A/S

European Union