Group leader: Mesut Bilgin

Running the Lipidomics Core Facility comes with several in-house and external collaborations, where we identify and quantify lipids in various biological samples to understand their functions and roles.

However, one of my major research areas is to use lipidomics for early detection of cancer and the other is flux lipidomics to understand the lipid metabolic reprogramming to elucidate the mechanism of tumorigenesis as well as to find novel, therapeutically exploitable liabilities of cancer.

The Lipidomics Core Facility

Besides myself, a technician is part of the Lipidomics Core Facility and I am co-supervising a PhD student to develop a methodology to study the distribution of cationic amphiphilic drugs (CADs) when mouse models are treated with the drug. Furthermore, a master student is working on functional lipidomics studies in mammalian cell systems.

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