Group leader: Jesper Nylandsted

Jesper Nylandsted earned his diploma in Biology (Qualification Profile in Cell and Molecular Biology), and his PhD from University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences.

After finishing his Postdoc studies at the Danish Cancer Society and the Rockefeller University (New York), he served as Senior Scientist before starting his own research group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen.

Jesper Nylandsted has a strong background in Cell Death Pathways and Repair Mechanisms of Cancer Cells with a special interest in integrating different Interdisciplinary Research Fields including Molecular Biology, Physics and Computational Science. Interdisciplinary collaborations to achieve unique insights is at the core of his work.


Key Funding

Novo Nordisk Foundation, Interdisciplinary Synergy Grant

The Danish Cancer Society Scientific Committee

Independent Research Fund Denmark, DFF Natural Sciences & DFF Medical Sciences

Krista and Viggo Petersens Foundation