Group leader: Dorthe Payne-Larsen

Dorthe Payne-Larsen's research focuses on the connection between cancer, DNA damage and the nucleolus.

She has a strong background in cancer and DNA damage research going all the way back to the beginning of her career. In her postdoctoral research, in Switzerland, she acquired expertise in the field of nucleolar biology and in her current work she bridges these two fields of research in the investigations of genome maintenance of the nucleolus.

Cancer and DNA damage are intimately linked: Genomic instability is a fundamental feature of cancer, most carcinogens generate DNA damage and inherited defects in the cellular DNA damage response (DDR) frequently predisposes to cancer. Furthermore, genomic instability that is a consequence of unrepaired or mis-repaired DNA damage fuels tumour heterogeneity that enhance the chances of acquired treatment resistance and acquisition of metastatic phenotype.

Understanding DNA damage and the cellular response to it is therefore a central aspect of understanding cancer and potentially manipulate the checkpoints and/or DNA repair pathways therapeutically. 


Group leader Dorthe Payne-Larsen 

ORCID: 0000-0002-8280-1252