Group leader: Pernille Bidstrup

Cancer is a life-threatening disease and getting a cancer diagnosis is for many an existential shock and a life crisis.

Pernille Bidstrup is psychologist, with a PhD in health science. She holds a position as senior researcher, head of the research group on Psychological Aspects of Cancer, and is also external associate professor at Institute of Psychology, Copenhagen University. Pernille has a strong interest in bridging psychology and health science and in documenting the unrecognized needs of cancer patients and their families.  
Our health care system has a strong focus on cancer survival. This has meant fantastic improvements in treatment resulting in prolonged life for cancer patients in months and even years: More moments to share with loved ones. While the cancer patient undergoes e.g., surgery, numerous rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with possible side-effects of pain, fatigue and nausea, the patient may also be a spouse, a lover, a parent, and a friend. In the patient’s and family’s life, a cancer diagnosis may present a strong physical as well as a psychological burden.   
Psychology can be an approach for understanding the mechanisms at play for cancer patients and their families. In combination with oncology, nursing, epidemiology and health science it can be a powerful tool to provide evidence for how to best support cancer patients and their families in reaching a new life after cancer. 


Group leader Pernille Bidstrup 

ORCID: 0000-0002-9704-6800

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Knæk Cancer - Talented Young Researcher

Childhood Cancer Foundation