Work, Environment and Cancer

Group leader: Ole Raaschou-Nielsen

We focus on identification of risk factors for cancer in the work- and external environment.

We investigate a number of potential risk factors in the external environment (e.g., air pollution, noise, pesticides and other chemicals) as well as work-related exposures (e.g., shift work, firefighters, welders, seafarers, and IARC group 2A and 2B chemicals).

We have ongoing studies on among others:

  • Air pollution and risk for different cancers and other diseases
  • Identification of the most harmful components of particulate matter air pollution
  • Noise and risk for several cancers and other diseases
  • Shift work and risk for different cancers
  • Occupational risk factors for breast cancer
  • Parental occupational exposures and risk of cancer in offspring
  • Fluorinated compounds and risk for breast cancer
Work, Environment and Cancer test

Air pollution affects large populations worldwide both occupationally and in the external environment

We use nationwide and reliable Danish registries intensively, including the Central Population Registry, the Cancer Registry, the Hospitalization Register, the Medical Birth Register the Pension Register and the Medical Prescription register.Further, we use socio-demographic data for the Danish population from registries at Statistics Denmark.

We use different designs ranging from nation-wide cohorts to case-cohort designs based on classical cohorts with biological samples as well as case-control studies. 

Identification of risk factors facilitate prevention of cancer. Our results contribute to authorities’ and IARC’s classification of carcinogens and documentation for the Danish National Board on Industrial Injuries.

Selected publications

Eriksen KT, McElroy JA, Harrington JM, Levine KE, Pedersen C, Sorensen M, Tjønneland A, Meliker JR, Raaschou-Nielsen O: Urinary Cadmium and Breast Cancer: A Prospective Danish Cohort Study. J Natl Cancer Inst 2016;109(2):djw204

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Sørensen M, Ketzel M, Overvad K, Tjønneland A, Raaschou-Nielsen O: Exposure to road traffic and railway noise and postmenopausal breast cancer: a cohort study. Int J Cancer 2014;134:2691-2698

Roswall N, Raaschou-Nielsen O; Ketzel M, Overvad K, Halkjær J, Sørensen M: Modeled traffic noise at the residence and colorectal cancer incidence - a cohort study. Cancer Causes Control 2017;28(7):745-753

Hvidtfeldt UA, Erdmann F, Urhøj SK, Brandt J, Geels C, Ketzel M, Frohn LM, Christensen JH, Sørensen M, Raaschou-Nielsen O: Air pollution exposure at the residence and risk of childhood cancers in Denmark: A nationwide register-based case-control study. EClinicalMedicine 2020; 28:100569


Group leader Ole Raaschou-Nielsen
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Work, Environment and Cancer
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National Institute of Health (NIH), USA


Health Effects Institute, USA

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