Students and visiting scientists

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center houses many PhD students as well as a smaller number of Master's students and visiting scientists.

If you are interested in working at The Danish Cancer Society Research Center during your studies or as a visiting scientist, please address the head of the unit where you want to conduct your research. It is the unit leader, who decides on applications from students and visiting scientists, and it is the unit leader who provides the required facilities.

Please contact the research secretariat for more information on the research units as well as for whom to contact:

Laila Fischer
Tel: 35 25 73 02

Job vacancies

Vacant positions are announced in the newspapers and on our website:


As a visiting scientist you can bring your own salary by taking a leave of absence from another institute, or by bringing funds.

As a PhD student, you either hold a PhD scholarship from a university or a research committee, or you can be a scientific assistant paid through project funding.

As a Master's student, you will not receive pay during the standard time limit of your education. If your work is of exceptional standard, you can apply for a scholarship during the finishing phase.


The unit leader provides laboratory space as well as equipment to a limited but necessary degree.

Since the units do not have any teaching obligations, we expect a significant and substantial effort from Master's students.