How does a cancer diagnosis impact the life of the individual and the family and what is possible to do in order to improve the life of these persons? This is our overarching research question.

Professor Christoffer Johansen

The Unit of Survivorship was established as part of the new center for Cancer Research in 2011 and includes researchers with experiences in clinical research, epidemiology and psychosocial cancer research.

We work in the areas of cancer rehabilitation, survivorship, late effects, communication, screening, intervention, behavior, psychological problems, social consequences of the cancer diagnosis, and a large number of other projects, which all are aimed at investigating how life is lived following the cancer diagnosis.

We have a longstanding experience with the use of Danish health and disease registries and have utilized these valuable data sources to illustrate several hypothesized associations. We have conducted and reported ten randomized clinical trials investigating various supportive interventions for cancer patients and their families. These studies have been conducted in accordance with classical RCT’s illustrating our experience in this area of research. We are also actively engaged in the testing and development of PROM scales.

The Unit consists of three groups, which are presented on the following pages.

Social Inequality in Survivorship
Childhood Cancer Survivorship
Psychological and Health Behavior Aspects of Life after Cancer

We are always interested in establishing new collaborations, and welcome guest researchers, students at both BA and Master level and are in all aspects of research open for cross disciplinary activities. The researchers employed have different educations illustrating this cross-disciplinary tradition.

The Unit hopes to become connected more closely with the cancer clinic as a result of a five-year research professorship, which the Head of the Unit started on 1 January 2013 at the Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen.

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