Danish Cancer Society Symposium 2017

The topic of this years' Cancer Symposium is "Metastasis as a systemic disease". The symposium will take place from 23-25 October 2017 in Copenhagen.


Danish Cancer Society Symposium 2017

Alejandro Enrique Mayorca Guiliani, BRIC

Metastasis is the spread of cancer through the body. It is a multi-step and highly complex process responsible for over 90% of cancer patient deaths. Up until recently, research has been focused on treating the primary tumour with the expectation that treatments against this would also be effective against the secondary (metastatic) tumours. However, there are essentially no effective therapies against metastatic tumours, and it is the growth of these tumours that compromises essential organ function resulting in patient suffering and ultimately death. There is thus a critical need to better understand the biology of metastasis, and to identify the key factors contributing to the establishment and outgrowth of metastatic tumours.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together some of the best researchers in the area of metastasis to hear the latest developments in the field and the progress being made to help cancer patients.


  • Circulating tumour cells
  • Targeting metastasis
  • Heterogeneity and outgrowth of metastases
  • New therapeutic strategies
  • Metastatic niche


Janine Erler, Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen

Symposium Secretariat
If you have any further questions regarding the symposium, please contact:

Anne Marie Hansen / Lissa Churchward

Danish Cancer Society
Strandboulevarden 49
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

E-mail: symposium@cancer.dk

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Members of the Symposium and Junior Researcher Award Committee

Lena Specht, Rigshospitalet  (Chairwoman)
Ulrik Ringborg, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Torben Falck Ørntoft, Aarhus University Hospital
Finn Cilius Nielsen, Rigshospitalet
Kristian Helin, University of Copenhagen
Mette Nytoft Yilmaz, Aalborg University Hospital
Jesper Kjær Abildgaard (patient representative)