The Danish Cancer Society Research Center

- a presentation by our Scientific Director

The Danish Cancer Society (DCS) invests and engages in research to help develop and implement evidence-based responses to current and future challenges in cancer care. Thereby, the DCS contributes to preventing more cancers and to bring forward the day when we can cure most cancer patients.

The DCS allocates 61% of its budget to research and is involved in research from discovery to implementation, including basic, population-based, translational and clinical cancer research.

The overall research directions are defined in the DCS’ Research Policy, which emphasizes cancer-relevant research projects throughout the cancer trajectory – from prevention and diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

The DCS’ Research Communication Strategy sets ambitious standards for knowledge sharing and research communication.

Research grants are allocated through open calls, strategic research initiatives, and support to the Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC). Supported research should make an impact, be of high quality and should build evidence-based strategies to the benefit of patients and relatives.

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center - a presentation

The DCRC is a research institute within the DCS. Our in-house location means that the institute contributes to research perspectives being part of the daily work in the Society, to cross-disciplinary approaches and to scientific discussion and communication.

The DCRC aims to publish pioneering discoveries and emphasizes cutting-edge research through synergy and strategic research collaborations.

The DCRC also works to remain and develop as an attractive option for the next generation of cancer researchers.

The multifaceted expertise at the DCRC foster combined training in cancer epidemiology, biology and translational cancer research. Strong research profiles include:

  • epidemiologic approaches to risk factors and geographical, socioeconomic, population group or cancer type specific disparities
  • basic biology approaches to genomic integrity and repair, cell division, lysosome biology, and autophagy
  • translational approaches to precision medicine and drug repurposing
  • clinical interventions related to survivorship perspectives

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center - a presentation

The research at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center is organized in 25 research groups with interaction in seven larger units. The institute is an international and multidisciplinary research environment with 270 researchers from 23 countries. Two-thirds of the annual research production of around 280 peer-reviewed publications is produced with international co-authors. Of the publications, four out of 10 are published in the top-10% most cited scientific journals. On average, our publications receive >20 citations, which translates to a field-weighted citation index of 2.5.

Read the DCRC Impact Report 2019

The DCRC has a Scientific Advisory Board headed by professor Carl-Henrik Heldin, Sweden.

You are welcome to learn more about the research goals and achievements from our units and groups. To all our donors – thank you for your contributions and for being part of this important work.

Best wishes,

Mef Nilbert

Mef Nilbert

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