The Danish Cancer Society Research Center

- a presentation by our Scientific Director

Research support is one of the main objectives of the Danish Cancer Society. The Research Politics sets the direction and defines focus areas and the Research Communication Strategy defines new routes for research communication. Investments into knowledge development amounts to 61% of the Danish Cancer Society’s total budget and is based on a three-legged strategy with research allocated through open calls, strategic research initiatives, and support to the Danish Cancer Society Research Center.

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center - a presentation

The Danish Cancer Society’s Research Center has ambitious research goals, emphasizes cutting-edge research through synergy and strategic research collaborations, and contributes to the national and the international cancer research agendas. We also educate a new generation of cancer researchers with master students and PhD students developing their research skills in our laboratories, epidemiology research groups, and clinical trial environments.

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center has a strong profile within cancer epidemiology based on large nationwide and population-based cohorts and registers, risk profiles, pharmacoepidemiology, socioeconomic disparity as well as survivorship perspectives. Also the basic biology research environment is strong with high-profile studies in genomic integrity and repair, cell division, lysosome biology, and autophagy. Computational biology and biostatistics are performed as core functions as well as with independent research profiles. We work to bring our findings to patient benefit through active collaborations on clinical trials related to new therapies as well as behavioral interventions. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is encouraged and the strategic plan emphasizes research of a high international standard, a leading role in new cancer-related initiatives, effective research communication, and visibility in the public debate.

The Danish Cancer Society Research Center - a presentation

The research at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center is thematically organized into seven larger units and five groups to a total of 27 research groups. National and international engagement is strong with 270 researchers from 23 countries. Two-thirds of the annual research production of around 280 peer-reviewed publications is produced with international co-authors. Of the publications, four out of 10 are published in the top-10% most cited scientific journals. On average, our publications receive >20 citations, which translates to a field-weighted citation index of 2.5.

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The Scientific Advisory Board  is headed by professor Carl-Henrik Heldin and provides support related to strategic direction and research group evaluation.

You are welcome to learn more about the research goals and achievements from our units and groups. To all our donors – thank you for your contributions and for being part of this important work.

Best wishes,

Mef Nilbert

Mef Nilbert

Meet our Scientific Director, Mef Nilbert, and read about her research