DCRC - Scientific Director

The DCRC represents an international research environment with an important task in training cancer researchers of tomorrow. As a director of research it is my aim to further develop the institute’s research agenda to meet with future challenges such as needs for more research in prevention and early detection, pioneering discoveries to allow targeting cancer cell vulnerabilities and development of options for diversified and multidisciplinary patient management.

Scientific projects at the DCRC stem from basic genomic repair to survivorship perspectives and embrace high-quality, innovative approaches and cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration. Research and training in the DCRC link epidemiology and biology as well as experimental and clinical approaches. As a part of the Danish Cancer Society, we are inspired by cancer patients and work to challenge dogmas.

Scientific Director Mef Nilbert

Mef Christina Nilbert

With a PhD in tumor genetics, as an MD I specialized in oncology with a clinical focus on gastrointestinal cancer and oncogenetics. My research field lays at the interphase of genomics and epidemiology with applicability for refined diagnostics, risk prediction and therapeutics.

The research group, at the Lund University and the Copenhagen University, works with hereditary colorectal cancer with studies on risk, tumor spectrum, molecular tumor profiles and immunogenicity. Current projects relate to risk modelling, molecular taxonomy and immune surveillance mechanisms in cancers that develop as part of Lynch syndrome.

In my responsibilities for refinements of modern cancer care, I have more recently contributed to work around multidisciplinary team meetings and standardized patient care pathways in cancer care.

Five selected publications:

Therkildsen, C., Ladelund, S., Smith-Hansen, L., Lindberg, L. J., Nilbert, M.
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Liedberg, F., Gerdtham, U., Gralén, K., Gudjonsson, S., Jahnson, S., Johansson, I., Hagberg, O., Larsson, S., Lind, A. K., Löfgren, A., Wanegård, J., Åberg, H., Nilbert, M.
Fast-track access to urologic care for patients with macroscopic haematuria is efficient and cost-effective: results from a prospective intervention study.
Br.J.Cancer 2016: 115(7), 770-775

Alexandersson, N., Rosell, L., Wihl, J., Ohlsson, B., Steen, Carlsson K., and Nilbert, M. Determinants of variable resource use for multidisciplinary team meetings in cancer care.
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Lindberg, L. J., Wegen-Haitsma, W., Ladelund, S., Smith-Hansen, L., Therkildsen, C., Bernstein, I., Nilbert, M. Risk of multiple colorectal cancer development depends on age and subgroup in individuals with hereditary predisposition.
Fam.Cancer 2018

Therkildsen, C., Eriksson, P., Hoglund, M., Jonsson, M., Sjodahl, G., Nilbert, M., Liedberg, F. Molecular subtype classification of urothelial carcinoma in Lynch syndrome.
Mol.Oncol. 2018: 12(8), 1286-1295


Mef Christina Nilbert