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The Danish Cancer Society - International

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The Danish Cancer Society is the largest disease-fighting organisation in Denmark. The organisation has more than 430,000 members.

Our 3 main work areas

In our fight against cancer we work with:

  • Prevention of cancer
  • Giving advice to and supporting cancer patients and their relatives
  • Cancer research


Only 4 % of our work is financed by government aid. We have an annual country wide campaign, collecting money to continue our work. In addition, we also collect money from lotteries, membership fees, and donations.

How do I get information?

If you are a patient or relative affected by cancer and you need information on cancer specific issues, we might be able to help through our professional and anonymous cancer information service:


The service can be reached by telephone +45 8030 1030 and is toll free. Most of the staff speak English and can help you with more basic questions.

We also provide chat and online information on demand through Skype for Business. This allows you to have video contact with an information specialist, and in case there is a language issue, you are free to invite a translator to join the conversation.

Ask the information specialist at Kræftlinjen for advice on this matter.

For further information, please contact:

Ann-Britt Kvernrød