Genome Integrity

Group leader: Jiri Bartek

The Bartek group explores how human cells control their proliferation, and employ an extensive hierarchically organized network of proteins, termed DNA damage response (DDR) to maintain genome integrity and result into cell survival, senescence or cell death after exposure to genotoxic stresses such chemotherapeutic drugs or radiation.

Our work aims at better understanding of cancer development and discovery of cancer cell vulnerabilities. The latter aspect of our work focuses on discovery of new candidate targets for cancer therapy, biomarkers for early detection of cancer and guidance of existing treatments, as well as formulation of innovative strategies for drug repurposing in oncology.

Genome Integrity test

We are using a wide spectrum of state-of-the art cell and molecular biology techniques, complemented by high-throughput screening approaches, super-resolution microscopy and other imaging technologies, and DNA/RNA sequencing approaches combined with biochemical methods.

Selected publications:

Maya-Mendoza A, Moudry P, Merchut-Maya JM, Lee M, Strauss R, Bartek J: High speed of fork progression induces DNA replication stress and genomic instability. Nature 2018;559(7713):279-284 

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Jackson SP, Bartek J: The DNA-damage response in human biology and disease. Nature 2009;461(7267):1071-1078 

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Bartkova J, Horejsi Z, Koed K, Kramer A, Tort F, Zieger K, Guldberg P, Sehested M, Nesland JM, Lukas C, Ørntoft T, Lukas J, Bartek J: DNA damage response as a candidate anti-cancer barrier in early human tumorigenesis. Nature 2005;434(7035):864-870


Group leader Jiri Bartek
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Genome Integrity
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