Psychological Aspects of Cancer

Group leader: Pernille Envold Bidstrup

In the research group on Psychological Aspects of Cancer, we focus on documenting physical and psychological symptoms in epidemiological registry-based studies and developing support for cancer patients and their families to be tested in randomized controlled trial (RCT) design.

We focus on five main research tracks including:

  • Physical and psychological late effects of cancer
  • Supportive care in cancer
  • Psychological late effects of cancer in families
  • Psychological support for childhood cancer patients and their families
  • Grief in children and in parents

Examples of our research projects include (*RCT is randomized controlled trial):


Click to read. Other recent studies are ProCan and Falcon

Our research methods range from e.g., qualitative interviews for developing new supportive care programs, questionnaire studies on cancer patients’ needs, epidemiological registry-based studies on documenting psychiatric medication in cancer caregivers, randomized controlled trials evaluating new supportive care programs and Cochrane meta-analyses evaluating effect of different types of cancer follow-up.

Our aim is to contribute with research relevant to the cancer clinic and most importantly to cancer patients and their families. We strive to ensure this focus by:

  • Conducting our research in close collaboration with the cancer clinic, municipality rehabilitation programs, counseling services as well as national and international experts
  • Involving patients and caregivers in the research especially when we aim to develop new supportive care programs

Selected publications:

Salem H, Kazak AE, Andersen EW, Belmonte F, Johansen C, Schmiegelow K, Winther JF, Wehner PS, Hasle H, Rosthøj S, Bidstrup PE: Home-based cognitive behavioural therapy for families of young children with cancer (FAMOS): A nationwide randomised controlled trial. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2021;68(3):e28853

Marku M, Rasmussen BK, Dalton SO, Johansen C, Hamerlik P, Andersen KK, Meier SM, Bidstrup PE: Early indicators of primary brain tumours: a population-based study with 10 years' follow-up. Eur J Neurol. 2021;28(1):278-285

Løppenthin K, Dalton SO, Johansen C, Andersen E, Christensen M, Pappot H, Petersen L, Thisted L, Frølich A, Mortensen C, Lassen U, Ørsted J, Bidstrup PE: Total burden of disease in cancer patients at diagnosis – A Danish nationwide study of multimorbidity and redeemed medication. British Journal of Cancer 2020;123(6):1033-1040

Høegh BL, Bidstrup PE, Karlsen RV, Friberg AS, Albieri V, Dalton SO, Saltbæk L, Andersen KK, Horsboel TA, Johansen C: Follow-up strategies following completion of primary cancer treatment in adult cancer survivors. The Cochrane Collaboration 2019; (11):CD012425

Mertz BG, Dunn-Henriksen AK, Kroman N, Johansen C, Andersen KG, Andersson M, Mathiesen UB, Vibe-Petersen J, Dalton SO, Bidstrup PE: The effects of individually tailored nurse navigation for patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer: a randomized pilot study. Acta Oncol. 2017: 56(12), 1682-1689


Group leader Pernille Bidstrup
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Psychological Aspects of Cancer
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