Survivorship and Inequality in Cancer

Group leader: Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton

Research focus

In Survivorship and Inequality in Cancer (SIC), we investigate the influence of social inequality in cancer outcomes and the physical, psychological and socioeconomic consequences and late effects in cancer survivors. We conduct large-scale population-based studies using registry data and/or questionnaire data, and we develop and test interventions to improve treatment and late effects among high-risk patients in order to ensure that all patients – independently of who they are - reach the best possible health, functional level and quality of life after cancer.

Examples of ongoing projects:

  • Socioeconomic differences in somatic and psychological late effects after cancer
  • Socioeconomic differences in early diagnosis, access to cancer treatment and to rehabilitation and palliative care
  • Early death among early-stage cancer patients
  • Risk and timing of somatic, psychological and social late effects after cancer
  • The role of physical exercise in cancer treatment and prognosis
Survivorship and Inequality in Cancer test

Our approach to research ranges from qualitative studies examining perspectives of patients and relatives, to population-based registry studies, questionnaire surveys, and randomized controlled trials testing care interventions.

Selected publications:

Kjaer TK, Andersen EA, Winther JF, Bidstrup PE, Borre M, Moller H, Larsen SB, Johansen C, Dalton SO: Long-term somatic disease risk in adult Danish cancer survivors. JAMA Oncology 2019;5:537-545 

Ammitzbøll G, Johansen C, Lanng C, Andersen EW, Kroman N, Zerahn B, Hyldegaard O, Wittenkamp MC, Dalton SO: Progressive resistance training to prevent arm lymphedema in the first year after breast cancer surgery: Results of a randomized controlled trial. Cancer 2019;125:1683-1692

Gad KT, Johansen C, Duun-Henriksen AK, Krøyer A, Olsen MH, Lassen U, Mau-Sørensen M, Dalton SO: Socioeconomic Differences in Referral to Phase I Cancer Clinical Trials: A Danish Matched Cancer Case-Control Study. J Clin Oncol 2019;37:1111-1119 doi: 10.1200/JCO.18.01983

Christensen NL, Rasmussen TR, Hansen KH, Christensen J, Dalton SO: Comorbidity and early death in Danish stage I lung cancer patients – an individual approach. Acta Oncol 2020;59:994-1001 

Degett TH, Christensen J, Thomsen LAA, Iversen LH, Gögenur I, Dalton SO: Nationwide cohort study of the impact of education, income and social isolation on survival after acute colorectal cancer surgery. BJS Open 2020;4:133-144


Group leader Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton
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Survivorship and Inequality in Cancer
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