Cancer prevention

Read about symptoms of cancer and the cancer screening programs. You can also download our brochures.

The Danish healthcare system

Download and read the brochure about the Danish healthcare system:

The Danish healthcare System

Everyone who has been granted a residence permit and lives in Denmark has free access to the healthcare system. Most examinations and treatments are free of charge.

Residents in Denmark must choose a doctor as their general practitioner (GP). You can contact your GP in case of illness.Your GP will take care of much more than disease, for example vaccination.

Everyone working in the healthcare system is bound by patient confidentiality. This means that they must not discuss your case or illness with others - not even with your spouse, children, or other members of your family.

Information in other languages

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Prevention of cancer

Preventative examinations are also called screening. In screening programs a part of the population or the whole population is examined for signs of a particular disease.

Cervical cancer screening 

Women between 23 and 64 are regularly invited to participate in cervical cancer screening. Read about prevention of cervical cancer:

Screening for cervical cancer

Breast cancer screening (mammography)

Women between the ages of 50 and 69 living in Denmark are offered breast examinations every second year for early detection of breast cancer. Read more:

Screening for breast cancer

Colon cancer screening 

Citizens aged 50 to 74 are invited to partake in screening for colon cancer every second year. Read more here:

Screening for colon cancer

Brochures about cancer in English

Download brochure about the 7 signs of cancer

Symptoms of cancer

Download and read about the most serious symptoms of cancer:

The 7 signs of cancer

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