Review of the Danish implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

The Danish government has volunteered to present a review of the Danish progress on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Danish NCD Alliance supports the efforts to fulfill the goals in the health area.

We are pleased that the Danish government has volunteered to present the Danish implementation and its progress as early as 2017

This provides for a fantastic opportunity to engage in dialogue with the government and other stakeholders about how to best secure the fulfilment of the goal, by 2030 to reduce the NCD related deaths with 30% among people below the age of 70. The goal does also apply for Denmark.
The Danish NCD Alliance took as a member of the Danish Health and Development Network initiative to invite all relevant stakeholders in Denmark, to discuss the health goal the 13. June, where a large variety of ideas surfaced on how to, in a broad collaboration, contribute to health promotion in both Denmark and globally. The meeting is highlighted in the report from the government, as an example of how there is a wish to contribute to strong partnerships and to include all stakeholders in the work towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The fight against NCDs has high priority in the Danish plan

The government prioritise an inclusive health sector and to combat NCDs like cancer, COPD and dementia.
The Danish NCD Alliance supports these priorities in Denmark. This is areas where Denmark has a strong civil society, and the Danish NCD Alliance contributes to the Danish efforts globally, through support of the build-up of a strong civil society in East Africa, which can fight for the rights of patients and their relatives. This is made possible due to a Danish policy of strong partnerships. The Civil Society Fund, which contributes with the majority of funding for our work in East Africa is a concrete example of the support of global partnerships.

The government invites the Danish civil society organisations to challenge it in regards to the Danish sustainability policy

We would like to encourage the government to increase its focus on health in its international development work. Health is the fundament for humans to learn, work and develop. Denmark has a lot to contribute in regards to health. We have a strong medical industry, strong traditions for patient centered treatment, prevention and civil society engagement.
The Danish NCD Alliance is looking forward to follow and challenge the Danish implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the future.

Read the full review from the Danish goverment here:

Report for the Voluntary National Review (PDF)