Lifestyle, Reproduction and Cancer

Group leader: Allan Jensen

The main part of the research in the group falls within two research areas.

One main research area is ovarian cancer epidemiology where we aim to identify risk factors, prognostic factors, gene-environment interactions and build risk prediction models for this highly deadly cancer type.

Another major research interest is to study adverse health effects related to female infertility. By use of data from the large Danish Infertility Cohort, we are studying the associations between infertility, fertility treatment, and the risk of cancer and other morbidity in both women with fertility problems and their children. Further, we are studying the association between male infertility, semen characteristics and cancer.

Selected publications:

Reinholdt K, Kjaer SK, Guleria S, Frederiksen K, Mellemkjær L, Munk C, Jensen A: Risk of endometrial cancer among women with benign ovarian tumors — A Danish nationwide cohort study. Gynecol Oncol 2020;157(2):549-554

Hargreave M, Jensen A, Hansen MK, Dehlendorff C, Winther JF, Schmiegelow K, Kjaer SK: Association Between Fertility Treatment and Cancer Risk in Children. JAMA 2019;322(22):2203-2210

Guleria S., Kjaer SK, Albieri V, Frederiksen K, Jensen A: A Cohort Study of Breast Cancer Risk after 20 Years of Follow-Up of Women Treated with Fertility Drugs. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev  2019;28(12):1986-1992

Guleria S*, Jensen A*, Toender S, Kjaer SK: Risk of epithelial ovarian cancer among women with benign ovarian tumors: a follow-up study. Cancer Causes Control 2020;31(1):25-31 *Guleria and Jensen has shared first authorship

Rasmussen CB, Kjær SK, Albieri V, Bandera EV, Doherty JA, Høgdall E, Webb PM, Jordan SJ, Rossing MA, Wicklund KG, Goodman MT, Modugno F, Moysich KB, Ness RB, Edwards RP, Schildkraut JM, Berchuck A, Olson SH, Kiemeney LA, Massuger LF, Narod SA, Phelan CM, Anton-Culver H, Ziogas A, Wu AH, Pearce CL, Risch HA, Jensen A: Pelvic inflammatory disease and the risk of ovarian cancer and borderline ovarian tumors: A pooled analysis of 13 case-control studies. Am J Epidemiol 2017;185(1):8-20


Group leader Allan Jensen
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Lifestyle, Reproduction and Cancer
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