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Funding possibilities

Besides funding The Danish Cancer Society’s own Research Center and Center for Autophagy, Recycling and Disease (CARD) we also fund scientific research projects, stays abroad of long duration and other activities concerning cancer research.

The Scientific Committees of the Danish Cancer Society are assessing the projects, travelling for research purposes etc. in connection with applications for funding.

The assessment will take place during an allocation meeting. The Committees can before the meeting decide if some of the applications are to be submitted for external assessment by external referees who are not members of the Committees and who have a specific knowledge within this particular research field. Any statements from external referees are to be considered in the assessment, but the Committees are not obliged to act upon these statements.

At the allocation meetings the Committees are weighting the following criteria in connection with the evaluations:

  • Scientific quality and the novelty value of the research project
  • Feasibility of the research project
  • Qualifications and expertise of the researcher/the research team
  • Network of the researcher/research team with regard to co-operation and its importance to the project
  • Importance of the project to the training of the researcher and to the development of the research environment
  • In case of a research programme – the relevance of the project in relation to the programme
  • Possible ethical aspects of the project.

For which purposes can applications be made?

Guidelines and deadlines

You will find an overview over different sorts of applications, guidelines, deadlines for applying etc. by following the links below.

Experimental, Clinical and Epidemiological Cancer Research

Psychosocial Cancer Research

Congresses and Symposiums (page in Danish)

Nordic Cancer Union

Funding conditions


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