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Researchfish ® – Collecting Research Outcomes

Increasingly, in Denmark and internationally, governments and funders are asking: what results and impacts are we getting from our funding of research? Likewise, members and supporters of the Danish Cancer Society are eager to learn more about the impacts and results of cancer research funded by the organisation.

The Danish Cancer Society (DCS) feels a strong responsibility to demonstrate the value and impact of research supported through the donations to DCS. DCS uses information that researchers provide on the outputs, outcomes and impact (subsequently referred to as ‘outcomes’) of their DCS-funded projects to report to, and engage with, both the Government, health care professionals and the public.

Collecting the outcomes of research enables DCS to:

  • provide a strong evidence base to support the continued funding of cancer research
  • improve the quality of reporting about research outcomes
  • strengthen policy and health care development
  • develop and maintain a long term relationship with award holders through the capture of new developments and impacts from research after an award has finished
  • improve communication with researchers

Information on research outcomes attributed to all DCS-funded awards are now collected online via the facility known as Researchfish®:


Upcoming submissions

Submissions for the next Danish Cancer Society Data Gathering Period on Researchfish® will need to be made between 1 December 2020 and 18 January 2021.