About Kom & Kvit (Come & Quit)

If you want help to quit smoking – and want to know more about the Kom & Kvit concept - we recommend that you contact the health department in your municipality.

Go to and find the name of your municipality here: Tilmelding

Short description of the concept

Kom & Kvit / Come & Quit is a Danish smoking cessation concept developed and tested in 2010 and implemented in a number of Danish municipalities since January 2011. Eventually, more of the 98 municipalities of Denmark will offer this concept as part of their smoking cessation services.

The elements

Kom & Kvit is flexible, and the sequence of events is combined by the individual participant according to his or her own preferences.

First step is an obligatory, individual clarifying interview with a smoking cessation counsellor. Shortly hereafter, the participant can join the next steps – either some of them or all.

The counsellor offers group sessions on a weekly basis. The group is open, as it is not expected that everybody joins every meeting. Due to the open group concept new members will continuously enter and leave the group, so the participants at the meetings are not at the same stage of their smoking cessation process.

The group meetings hold: Exchange of experiences, networking and a theme – mediated by pictures, small videos or audios.
Supplementary, the participant is offered encouraging text messages on cell phone, encouraging e-mails or phone calls from the counsellor. The individual participant decides which elements he or she wants to use.

Kom & Kvit is free for the individual participant, it is paid by the municipality.

Behind the concept

The Kom & Kvit concept is developed by The Danish Healthy Cities Network, The Association of Danish Pharmacies and The Danish Cancer Society.

For further information: mejding@cancer.dk

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